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American Cities Climate Challenge Equity Capacity Building Fund

This is a Bloomberg Philanthropies funded project. 

We are excited to announce the second iteration of the Equity Capacity Building Fund. ​The purpose of the Climate Challenge Equity Capacity Building Fund is to help city staff and community groups meaningfully and intentionally collaborate on equitable initiatives by securing the capacity building support needed to move work forward. The Fund will assist cities who want to advance equitable initiatives by providing timely, short-term contract support otherwise not available. The Fund also hopes to build capacity amongst city staff to meaningfully integrate equity into their work and build relationships with local equity partners.

The ECBF has been fully expended. Please stay tuned for the ACCC J40 Capacity Building Fund in Jan 2022. 

Application Support

For more information and advice on potential projects, please join us during either of these informational webinars or office hours:

Informational Webinars - Overview of the Fund followed by Q & A sessions


Office Hours - Coaching for proposal and scope development

  • Thursday, September 30th 1-2 pm PT/4-5 pm ET (zoom link)

  • Thursday, October 7th 1-2 pm PT/4-5 pm ET (zoom link)

  • Thursday, October 21st 1-2 pm PT/4-5 pm ET (zoom link)

  • Tuesday, November 9th 10-11 am PT/1-2 pm ET (zoom link)

  • Thursday, December 2nd 1-2 pm PT/4-5 pm ET (zoom link)

Please feel free to check out our final report for the first iteration of the Equity Capacity Building Fund.


Winding Roads

Application Materials

Previous Projects


The City of Atlanta and independent consultant Cicely Garrett engaged in a series of meetings to understand how city departments worked and engaged with one another, what equity foundations the city needed, and how to move forward with this work. They plan to host another series of joint department meetings to develop a Shared Racial Equity Framework and Equity Definition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a grant?

No. This is a professional service contract between Kapwa Consulting and a qualified contractor who is agreeing to complete a set of services toward a joint project with the City. 


What is a “qualified contractor”? 

A qualified contractor can be an independent consultant, non-profit organization, academic institution. A contractor must be able to complete a 1099-NEC for reporting revenue. 

What are some guidelines I can reference when searching for a contractor?

Pages 18-24 of this Process Guide lists out some guidelines. Contracts are intended to support work with local, BIPOC, and/or women owned businesses.

I have not identified a contractor. Can I still submit the application and work with Kapwa to identify a contractor?

A completed application includes a SOW for a qualified contractor. Kapwa Consulting can advise on an approach to identifying local contractors, but will not make recommendations on specific contractors.


What kind of insurance will be required for contractors?

Kapwa Consulting’s insurance general liability policy extends to contractors engaged in management consulting, but not in other fields. Contractors who are not management consultants may be asked to provide proof of general and/or professional liability.

Are there limitations to what the funds can be used for? Can this funding be used toward membership fees (for example GARE membership)?

Funds are distributed through professional service contracts. 

Currently, funds cannot be used for membership fees, travel, political lobbying, and voter registration activities. 


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