American Cities Climate Challenge Equity Capacity Building Fund

​The purpose of the Climate Challenge Equity Capacity Building Fund is to help city staff and/or community groups meaningfully and intentionally advance equitable initiatives.The Fund intends to meet cities and communities where they are in their equity journey and to advance the city or community’s specific needs.

Thank you to all of the cities who applied or were considering applying to the Equity Capacity Building Fund. The Fund has officially received the maximum number of applicants that it can accommodate and applications are now closed. We really appreciate the interest in building equity capacity within Climate Challenge cities. 


This is a Bloomberg Philanthropies funded project. 

Application Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “qualified contractor”? 

A qualified contractor can be an independent consultant, non-profit organization, academic institution. A contractor must be able to complete a 1099-NEC for reporting revenue. 

What are some guidelines I can reference when searching for a contractor?

Pages 18-24 of this Process Guide lists out some guidelines

I have not identified a contractor. Can I still submit the application and work with Kapwa to identify a contractor?

A completed application includes a SOW for a qualified contractor. Kapwa Consulting can advise on an approach to identifying local contractors, but will not make recommendations on specific contractors.


What kind of insurance will be required for contractors?

Kapwa Consulting’s insurance general liability policy extends to contractors engaged in management consulting, but not in other fields. Depending on scope, contractors may be asked to provide proof of workers compensation, general, professional, or auto liability coverage.

Are there limitations to what the funds can be used for? Can this funding be used toward membership fees (for example GARE membership)?

Funds are distributed through service contracts. 

Currently, funds cannot be used for membership fees, political lobbying, and voter registration activities.

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